Farming with Integrity

Social and Labor Responsibility

As a family run company, we have a duty to treat the land, our people and the communities we serve with respect. We understand that every member of our farming family has a critical role to play in our mission to deliver premium strawberries to consumers across the world and we are committed to creating an atmosphere that protects the integrity of our workers, our product and the environment.

Blazer Wilkinson hopes to improve the lives of everyone we touch by showing commitment to our strict standards in every growing region.

We control our farming, harvesting and sales

Most strawberry companies have outside growers. Many strawberry companies use outside harvesters. Many strawberry farmers use outside sales companies. Blazer Wilkinson is different in that it controls the entire process.

Promoting Workers’ Health and Safety

Blazer Wilkinson maintains an aggressive training program designed to promote workers health and safety. Our employees are provided with knowledge and tools needed to minimize occupational illness and injuries.

Comprehensive Healthcare and Benefits

Blazer Wilkinson offers all eligible employees generous healthcare, dental and vision plans as well as a 401K plan.

Ethical Work standards

We are committed to upholding globally recognized labor standards that are designed to protect our employees and promote a fair, transparent, safe and ethical working environment by following National, State and Local laws.

All of our farming operations follow these best practices:

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    Provide a positive working place that allows employees to prosper

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    Zero tolerance for discrimination, coercion, abuse, harassment and child labor

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    All ranches and crews are audited by an independent third-party certifying body for food safety, occupational safety and sustainability

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    To provide a work environment conducive to both personal and professional growth