Stewards of the Land

As farmers we believe it’s our duty to respect the Earth’s resources and minimize our impact on the environment all while delivering a delicious, nutrient dense product to consumers. We take a holistic approach in managing the impact of our business and rely on time-honored farming techniques paired with technological advancements to create a sustainable farming environment that will be here for generations to come.


Planting the Right Varieties

We evaluate the soil and environmental conditions at each of our ranches and choose to plant specific strawberry varieties we know will thrive at that location. Naturally healthy plants require less maintenance and inputs which helps us reduce our overall impact.


Promoting Biodiversity Through Crop Rotation

Monoculture farming creates an undesirable growing environment over time. We share our land with a network of trusted grower partners and have developed a crop rotation schedule which naturally delivers nutrients back into the soil.

Reducing Reliance on Synthetic Chemicals


Growing Organic

We are continuing to grow more and more organic strawberries. This allows us to reduce and often eliminate the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides throughout our ranches.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program focuses on prevention, monitoring, and control of pests. This approach allows us to minimize the use of pesticides in our farming operations and create a growing environment in balance with nature.


Precision Irrigation

Water is one of our most precious resources. We use drip tape irrigation throughout all of our ranches to deliver the precise amount of water directly to the root zone and eliminate water waste.


Reducing Food Waste during Distribution

By making sure we ship high-quality product through reputable logistics carriers, over 95% of our outbound deliveries are accepted by our customers. This results in less food waste and more delicious strawberries to market!


Packaging Materials

All of our trays are 100% recyclable

The cardboard we use comes from partially recycled pulp

Our packaging raw materials come from 45% post-consumer recycled material

50% of our packaging raw materials come from sustainably sourced renewable material