Our Farms

We're the Berry Experts

Our team of strawberry specialists expertly manage quality and flavor throughout every aspect of our growing, harvesting and shipping operations to deliver a strawberry experience that is unmatched anywhere in the world.

5-7 petals per strawberry flower
200 seeds on a strawberry's surface
5 lbs per plant (average yield)

365 Days of Berries

Our farming operations and strategic partnerships throughout California, Florida and Mexico allow us to consistently deliver ultra high-quality strawberries all year long.

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Salinas, California

Managed quality from start to finish Vertical Integration

Vertical Integration means we’re totally connected to our strawberries every step of the way. If a strawberry doesn’t meet our strict standard for quality and flavor, it doesn’t get sent to market.


We Carefully Manage The Land.

The health and quality of our land directly translates to the health and quality of our strawberry plants. Through pre-planting land assessments, daily crop evaluations and seasonal crop rotation we’re able to stay balanced with mother nature and to manage our precious resources for future generations.


We Grow What We Sell.

We grow the majority of the strawberries we sell and hand select a group of world-class growers to partner with who share our passion for quality and attention to detail.


We check every flat.

We check every flat in the field AND have quality management at the cooler to ensure that our strict quality standards are met.


We pack what we grow.

We understand that presentation is everything. All of our strawberries are hand-picked at peak maturity and carefully packed in each package with the end consumer in mind.


We Manage What We Ship.

From start to finish every aspect of quality is managed to perfection. Before shipment, every order is checked for destination accuracy and quality to ensure we’re delivering the Ultimate Strawberry to every customer.

You eat the reward!